SDI has a unique mission: to show how a good life and sustainable development are compatible. Dour environmentalists want us to don a hair shirt for the sake of trees and fishes and Marxists want to end capitalism. Rank capitalists would cast aside all environmental and social protections in a rush for profits. 

This mission demands new approaches to thinking about sustainable development , about what it is, how to achieve it, and what tools are needed. Development is sustainable when it makes us all more human.  This means changing how we think and act and how governments regulate capitalism. From top to bottom things must change, for the sake or ourselves and our future.

Our research in pursuit of this mission is far reaching, involving some of the best scholars for integrating ideas across academic disciplines. We have researched technological innovation and climate change, the uses of positive psychology, and how capitalism must change. Much of this research employs the new science of complexity to understand the complex interplay of the natural environment and 7 billion humans. We consider what changes of government policy and personal choices are needed to start and advance the process of sustainability.

Our research is referenced and elaborated in the Selected Publications section of this site.

Enjoyment and Conservation
The Sustainable Development Institute

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Sustainable Capitalism and the Pursuit of Well-Being

Published by Routledge and Earthscan.

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A Good Life is Sustainable