By some measures if everyone on Earth lived like Americans, we would need another half-dozen planets like this one. But most people are too busy working and playing to plan for a global future. We are prepared to save the environment for our children and grandchildren if we can continue to enjoy our current lifestyles. But environmentalists—and many scholars—declare that we must live a life less rich to give to future generations the opportunities we enjoy today. We are told that we must sacrifice for the future, reduce our profligate ways and shrink our lives. And if we cannot be trusted to do this for ourselves, we must be forced to change our ways through higher taxes and greater regulation of our lives by an ever more intrusive government.

But there is a better way. Take charge of your life and dedicate it to your well-being. Sustainable Capitalism and the Pursuit of Well-Being sets out the theoretical argument for why we should pursue our well-being and how that will lead to reduced consumption and conservation of nature. SDI is now working on another book (due out later in 2014) on how each of us can implement these ideas to make our lives more enjoyable and reduce consumption. Live Well, Retire Young, and Save the Planet will set out simple steps to a more enjoyable life that will continue into a joyful retirement and all the while reduce consumption and save the Earth. It will offer a different path to a better future, not only for future generations but for ourselves today.

Next year SDI plans to introduce an educational program that will help guide small groups to spread the word on this better way of life that also saves the planet.


Live Well, Retire Young, and Save the Planet

Enjoyment and Conservation