Volume 1: National and Regional Institutions and Infrastructures

Edited by Neil E. Harrison, published by EOLSS

Chapter Headings

Institutional And Infrastructure Resources: National And Regional Institutions and Infrastructures

Transparent Governance: The Role Of Nongovernmental Organizations And The Internet

The Empowerment Of Subnational Governments And Local Communities In A Decentralized and Unequal Polity

Balancing National Economic Reforms With Social And Environmental Goals

The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor: Linking International, National And Local Sustainable Resource Management Initiatives

Institutional Change And Business Sustainability In Developed Countries

Improving Institutional Support To Promote Sustainable Livelihoods In Southern Africa

Local, Regional, And National Decentralised, Multistage Planning Processes And Sustainable Development

Accomodating Marginalized Groups In The Planning Process

Natural Resource Management And The Promise Of Decentralised Governance: Learning From Experience In India

The Effect Of Institutional Cultures On Socioeconomic Development And Ecological Conservation

Cultural Diversity, Democracy, And Participation


National, Regional and Global Institutions,
 Infrastructures and Governance

Enjoyment and Conservation